Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

The Early of Putrefied and Bacteria Amount After Sloughter of Broiler Meat

The aim of this research is to know the early of putrefied and bacteria amount changing of broiler meat

This research use 5 broiler, MgO Powder, reagen Eber (condensed HCl, Alcohol 96% and Eter with proportion 1 : 3 :1 ), aquadest, lakmus sheat, and Nutrient Agar media.
Factor that observated in this research is observation the early of putrified with use Postma test and eber test and also bacteria tally at 1,4,8 and 12 hour after slaughter.
The result of this research that generally putrefied of broiler meat happen at 8 hours after slaughter, and the amount of bacteria increasing following time o keep that is 2,7 x 10 rank 4 (4) cfu/gram at 1 hours after slaughter and increasingly until reach 4,3 x 10 rank 7 (7) cfu/gram at 12 hour after slaughter.

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